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Partner with Pearson on an educator study

Partner with Pearson on an educator study

At Pearson, we believe that learning is a life-changing opportunity and that education should have a measurable impact on learners’ lives. We not only hold ourselves accountable for the products we make—we also work closely with educators to learn from, document, and share their learner experiences and outcomes via educator studies.

What Are Educator Studies?

These studies share actual implementation practices experienced by educators using a Pearson digital product and evaluate possible relationships between program implementation and student performance. The findings are not meant to imply causality or generalizability within or beyond these instances. Rather, they can begin to provide informed considerations for implementation and adaptation decisions in other user contexts. Mixed-methods designs are applied to all studies, and the data collected include qualitative data from interviews, quantitative program usage analytics, and performance data. Open-ended interviews are used to guide data collection.

Why is Pearson Interested in Educator Studies?

Educator studies have helped educators over the past decade understand more about the teaching and learning experience, use data to inform implementation modifications to improve learner outcomes, and determine what is most relevant about their implementation and results. This in turn helps us improve our products and share blueprints of best practices with other educators seeking new ways to increase student success.

Pearson Results Library

The Pearson Results Library is a comprehensive collection of evidence-based educator studies. Each study reports on the impact that the customer believes they are having on the teaching and learning experience using a Pearson digital product.

Visit the Results Library at and at to view REVEL studies.

Partnering With Pearson

Are you being asked to report on learner outcomes? Implementing a redesign? Wondering what impact your Pearson digital product is having on program goals? Pearson wants to partner with you. Your results—and the best practices you used to achieve them—can be helpful and inspiring to your peers.

Questions to Consider:
  • Why did you decide to implement the Pearson digital product in your course?
  • What challenges and goals are you hoping to address?
  • How will you measure the success of your Pearson digital implementation?
  • What outcomes are you trying to achieve, and how will you measure these outcomes?

What Quantitative Results Can Be Measured?
We can help you gauge the impact that your implementation, taken holistically, is having on your students’ learning and course success. The results you measure with the full support of our data analysts may include but are not limited to:
  • Relationship between homework completion and scores and final exams (or final course grades)
  • Comparison of test averages, pass rates, success rates, or retention rates over semesters
  • Accelerated completion of remedial courses
  • Completion and achievement in subsequent courses

Don’t Forget About Qualitative Observations:
  • Students coming to class more prepared and more engaged
  • Improved class discussions; students asking higher-level questions
  • Student ownership of learning in pursuit of academic goals

The Educator Study Process

Every study project is unique. The process can take from two to nine months. Instructors interested in conducting studies should expect an interactive and rewarding partnership. To maintain objectivity, Pearson does not offer compensation for participation in educator studies.

  1. Overview call with Pearson Customer Outcomes Analytics Manager to discuss goals, identify measures of success, and agree on next steps.
  2. Pearson provides planning guidelines, data collection tools, and sample surveys to share with students and faculty both at the start and end of the course.
  3. Submission of quantitative and qualitative results and discussion of outcomes. Pearson Customer Outcomes Analytics Managers and data analysts are ready to assist with data analysis, to document implementation best practices, and to help define next steps.
  4. Pearson completes the study and sends it to the educator for review and approval.
  5. Pearson publishes the study on its Results Library at and for REVEL studies at

To learn more, contact your Customer Outcomes Analytics Manager:

Candace Cooney, • Business, Career, Nursing
Stephanie Fritson, • REVEL, Humanities and Social Sciences
Lauren Gill, • Readiness, Progression, Employability
Julie Labbiento, • Developmental Math
Betsy Nixon, • Science and Engineering
Sara Owen, • English, World Languages, IT, REVEL
Traci Simons, • Collegiate Math and Statistics
Dina Yankelewitz,  • Digital Direct Access, Multiple-discipline

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