White Papers

Pearson is a company with a strong sense of purpose, focusing on three key issues of social and economic importance: literacy, efficacy, and competitiveness. We aim to make a measurable difference to learning outcomes for students and educators, and our rigorous research methods — both in-house and independently conducted — provide solid evidence that our products, programs, and services are helping to enhance and further academic achievement. Building and maintaining trust is at the core of our business. By providing substantive, verifiable studies reflecting the effectiveness of our preK-12, higher education, and assessment programs, we are able to shine a spotlight on the deep connection between our commitment to excellence and demonstrated student success.

Through research, case studies, survey and analysis of existing research, and review of relevant literature, Pearson’s White Papers provide an insight into issues and associated challenges and point to potential solutions that have exhibited demonstrable results.

PreK — 12

Learning Matters A New Ecosystem of Educational Resources
Jan 2010

Our Commitment to Education: Personalizing Learning to Improve Results

Personalized Learning: The Nexus of 21st Century Learning and Educational Technologies
July 2009

Higher Education

Raising the Bar v.2: A Compendium of Case Studies on the Effectiveness of MyLab and Mastering from Pearson
Case Study Results: July 2011

The Efficacy (and Inevitability) of Online Learning in Higher Education
September 2010

The Power of Practice: MyAccountingLab and 21st Century Accounting Instruction

The Shortest Path from Goal to Achievement: Discover the Power of MyFoundationsLab

College Readiness
April 2009

Vision in Action: How Pearson Custom Publishing Works in Higher Education Instruction

Measuring student learning with item response theory
(MasteringPhysics) — 2008


Next-Generation Assessments Roadmap

Pearson’s Automated Scoring of Writing, Speaking, and Mathematics
May 2011

Pearson’s Text Complexity Measure
May 2011

Top Ten: Transitioning English Language Arts Assessments
May 2011

Considerations for Performance Scoring When Designing and Developing Next Generation Assessments
March 2011

Response to Intervention: Meeting the Personalized Learning Needs of All Students

Using Assessments to Improve Learning and Student Progress
May 2009

Pearson Foundation

Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Americans for the 21st Century

Report and Recommendations for Education Policy Leaders from The Pearson Foundation/CCSSO International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education

Building A Grad Nation: Progress and Challenge in Ending the High School Dropout Epidemic

The Digital World of Young Children — Impact on Emergent Literacy

Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse Grants Top Ratings to Pearson’s enVisionMATH K-6 Research

Intervention Rescue

Continued Investment in Efficacy Research of Pearson's Curriculum Programs

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