Talent & Leadership Development

Practical and conceptual soft skills like strategic communication, inclusiveness, and empathy are among the most highly desired by employers today. They empower employees to relate to others, appreciate differences, expand their viewpoints, and communicate persuasively. Mastering these skills drives individuals toward career success and helps your organization achieve its goals.

Leadership Learning Experiences

In partnership with leading communications and training firms, Pearson has developed these solutions to help you foster strong leadership at your organization. Our scalable online leadership development learning experiences empower your employees to acquire the crucial soft skills of exceptional leaders.



Pearson has partnered with Great on the Job to create BeGreatOnTheJob, a scalable, online learning experience that empowers employees and students to be strategic, effective, and persuasive communicators in the workplace.
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Watch a video about “Communicating Live in a Digital World”
Watch a webinar about “Becoming Great on the Job”



In partnership with the Gender Intelligence Group® and Barbara Annis, we’ve created a transformational learning experience that reveals the natural occurring characteristics that influence how women and men think, communicate, and interact in the workplace. Gender Intelligence can transform individuals, teams, and whole organizations while unlocking even higher levels of performance.
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Watch a video about “Gender Diversity in the Workplace”

Presence Essentials

Presence Essentials

Developed in partnership with The Ariel Group, Presence Essentials is a scalable, online experience that incorporates theatre-based communication methods to enable your workforce to show up with impact, influence broad audiences, and create authentic interpersonal connections.
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Watch a video from SXSW about “high” and “low” presence behaviors


Additional Resources for Students & Employees

Explore these resources from Jodi Glickman, author and founder of leadership development and communication training firm Great on the Job, to learn how to get the jobs you want and successfully manage your career.

You graduated! Now what? Career advice from professionals

Jodi gives advice to graduating students on next steps for taking charge of and managing their careers.

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Getting the Job: Pitching with Presence

Jodi coaches SXSW 2016 audience members on how to sell themselves and get the jobs they want by starting with their destination, telling their backstory, and connecting the dots.

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Three Best Practices for GenDIY to Build Successful Career Pathways

Jodi talks about how learning, earning, and contributing can help you find your passion and be your best self.

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