Custom Training Courseware

Tailored solutions to increase learning and impact

Customized training resources accommodate multiple learning styles, keeping your employees engaged and helping them learn faster.

At Pearson, our mission is to provide your organization with everything you need to offer effective professional development programs, so you can feel confident knowing your learning solutions are a perfect fit culturally, visually, technologically, and financially.

Pearson leverages customized content and media technology solutions to provide:

  • Cost-effective professional development and training alternatives that drive your organization’s productivity
  • Customized learning solutions that meet your organization’s training needs
  • Targeted training tools that focus on your goals for growth
  • Measurable results to meet the mutual needs of your learners and your stakeholders
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Digital badges for professional training and development
Digital Badges from Acclaim

Motivate, recognize and track employee training outcomes with digital badges issued through Acclaim. Highlight professional and experiential learning achievements, as well as the skill sets needed to promote company-wide growth and long-term business and employee success.
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A self-paced learning program for your employees

A flexible and affordable alternative to traditional classes, Propero lets your employees complete college courses online anytime, anywhere, giving them full control over their academic futures. With Propero, your employees don’t have to choose “career vs. education.” They can have both.
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