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Lifelong learning is vital to your IT career, and we’re devoted to helping you succeed. We’re pleased to offer professional development materials and training by the industry’s innovators and leading authorities.

Pearson is an authorized publisher of industry leader text and eBook content by Apple, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft. We also we offer practical advice on technology to enhance your personal and professional life. Not a native English speaker? We can help you with your Business English, too.

Explore our products and services and see how we can help you progress in your IT career and discover new opportunities along the way.

Products & Services


Tools to improve your English and boost your career
One and OneLinGo

Our online program, One, adapts to your current English level and gives you instant access to translation features, email templates, and more. Need instant, on-the-job help? One LinGo helps you learn and practice new words on your computer or mobile phone.
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Resources to help IT exam candidates succeed
Pearson IT Certification

Pearson IT Certification is a leader in IT Certification learning solutions, with a long tradition of delivering proven learning tools and educational training materials that have helped instructors teach, students learn, and certification exam candidates succeed. Pearson IT Certification learning solutions include: Books and eBooks, Online Subscription Service, Assessment & Practice Tests, Simulators & Labs, Video Training, Courseware Curriculum, and Custom Learning Solutions.
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Credentials to help you get certified and get noticed

Our certifications are valuable professional credentials that are globally recognized standards for digital literacy and desktop computing proficiency. When you certify on these programs, you’ll be better prepared for success in both the classroom and the workplace.
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Trusted training and learning for IT professionals

InformIT is home to the leading technology brands that help IT professionals extend their skill set and learn new technology. Programs range from operating systems to programming and software engineering to web design and development, IT certifications, software and productivity applications to internet technologies and hardware and devices. The technology brands of Pearson work with experts and instructors to develop books, eBooks, video training, web and software applications to help our customers learn technology.
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Pearson technology partnerships
Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and VMware

Pearson has publishing partnerships with the leaders in technology including official publishing & distribution programs with Adobe, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft and VMware.


Certified Apple training, the way you want it!
The Apple Pro Training Series

Learn Apple’s popular video-editing, audio and compositing software with this critically acclaimed series. Each book is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum of the Apple Training and Certification Program, used by Apple Authorized Training Centers around the world.
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Tools to help your employees advance their communication and soft skills set
Pearson Workforce Education

Whether you are hiring from outside the company or promoting from within, your organization needs an effective way to provide outstanding workforce development that offers the best results. Pearson Workforce Education can help you advance the skills set of your current and future employees by offering a variety of courses, including several soft skills courses.
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