Resources for Human Resources Professionals

Providing support to your organization’s human resources department can help build a culture of learning that spurs growth. Explore how Pearson partners with human resources groups and professionals to increase career opportunities. From online and blended courseware to employee assessments, we have the solutions you need to improve team performance.


For IT Professionals

Video training, books, online and software applications for helping IT professional acquire new knowledge and skillsets
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For IT Certification

Pearson IT Certification serves the IT professional and students pursuit of industry accreditations and certification.
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For Creative Professionals and Students

Top-quality books, eBooks, and videos from the industry’s leading teachers and trainers—geared to educate, inspire and train students and professionals in creative fields
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Products & Services


Tools to help your employees advance their communication and soft skills set
Pearson Workforce Education

Whether you are hiring from outside the company or promoting from within, your organization needs an effective way to provide outstanding workforce training that offers the best results. Pearson can help you advance the skills set of your current and future employees by offering a variety of courses, ranging from Project Management Professional to an assortment of soft skills courses.
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Assessments to help you select, develop, and retain talent
Talent Assessment

Pearson’s talent assessments provide insights into how people think, problem solve, reason, and learn. We offer training, consulting services, and tools to help corporations improve performance, identify talent, develop leaders, and engage teams.
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Business English training to break down language barriers
Pearson English

Pearson English harnesses the power of technology and premium content to enable talent to communicate, collaborate, and operate in a common language, business English, whether down the hall, across continents, or across organizations.
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