Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Life-saving breakthroughs don’t stop when providers leave the classroom. Healthcare professionals depend on access to the latest training solutions and technologies to ensure they can provide effective care to patients. Pearson partners with experts across the allied health, nursing, and psychology industries to develop innovative training programs, content, and assessments to ensure healthcare professionals have the tools they need to succeed in the field.

Products & Services


Assessments to help you select, develop, and retain talent
Talent Assessment

Pearson’s talent assessments provide insights into how people think, problem solve, reason, and learn. We offer training, consulting services, and tools to help corporations improve performance, identify talent, develop leaders, and engage teams.
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Communication and soft skills courses
Pearson Workforce Education

Whether you are hiring from outside the company or promoting from within, your organization needs an effective way to provide outstanding workforce training that offers the best results. Pearson Workforce Education can help you advance the skills set of your current and future employees by offering a variety of courses, including several soft skills courses.
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Tools to help you assess sensory, development, and motor conditions
Occupational and Physical Therapy

Pearson’s assessments help occupational and physical therapists diagnose and monitor their patients in a variety of settings including education, hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation.
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Tools to help you assess everything from ADHD to Malingering
Clinical Psychology

Pearson’s assessments help clinical, neuropsychology, and forensic psychology professionals and counselors diagnose and monitor their patients in a variety of settings including private practice, hospitals, clinics, corrections, and public safety.
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