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English Language Learners (ELL)

By 2025, 1 in 4 public school students will be an English language learner (ELL). No doubt you’ve already faced the challenge of improving language development in an extremely diverse, complex, and rapidly growing student population. And you’re integrating rigorous academic content to ensure all students are college and career ready as well.

Fortunately, next-generation programs have revealed a world of possibilities for ELLs. The new dynamic landscape allows states, districts, and schools to develop a comprehensive English language learning system that includes instruction, assessment, and professional development for teachers.

ELLs are the fastest growing segment of the public school population. World-renowned expert and Pearson author Dr. Jim Cummins describes the challenges these students face.


Reclassifying ELLs as Fluent English Speakers

In Jackson Middle School in the City of York, Pennsylvania, iLit was implemented with Grades 6, 7, and 8 English language learners and 41% of the students moved up their ELL level for the 2014-2015 school year. Sue Moyer, the school principal observed, “Students usually take 3-5 years to move up into the next [ELL] level. The scale score growth is amazing for these students, some of which make gains in the multiple hundreds!”
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ELL Products


Comprehensive ELL system
Pearson English Learning System

Discover the first and only integrated system that connects assessment, instruction, and professional development. This systematic approach is designed to accelerate language proficiency while simultaneously boosting academic progress.
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Tablet-based language assessment
Test of English Language Learning (TELL)

TELL is a tablet-delivered language proficiency assessment that’s interactive, accurate, and reliable. It’s unlike any test you’ve seen, touched, or heard. Use it to screen students, diagnose skill levels, and monitor progress throughout the year.
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Remedial literacy program

Designed to produce two or more years of reading growth in a single year, iLit engages students in Grades 4-10 like no other program. Through its vast library of high-interest nonfiction, auto grading, engaging activities, and built-in rewards, teachers can motivate students and track their progress.
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ELL curriculum resources

Pearson offers effective, research-based programs that support the development of ELLs from elementary school to high school.
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Diagnostic & progress monitoring assessments

Measure and document student progress in English language acquisition, guide instruction, and evaluate program effectiveness to help all learners succeed.
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