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College & Career Readiness

College and career readiness standards have raised the bar for states and districts across the country. This represents a fundamental shift in instruction, and that shift is well underway.

Though education has become more standardized, student success is still different for every learner. It can mean enrolling and excelling—without remediation—in a credit-bearing course at a postsecondary institution. It can also mean applying real-life skills to enter a career pathway with potential for future advancement.

You strive to give students the knowledge, 21st century skills, and strategies to think critically and keep learning—always and everywhere. We can help you prepare learners for future success, no matter what their dreams.

Products & Services


An all-new, all-digital system of teaching and learning
Pearson System of Courses

Defy convention with this fully digital, integrated system that supports learning, classroom management, assessment, and professional development. The Pearson System of Courses creates a dynamic new learning environment to help students achieve new college and career readiness standards.
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Online remediation in reading, writing, and math

Ensure your students develop prerequisite skills for success in college and beyond with MyFoundationsLab. This dynamic suite of online, mastery-based instruction and assessment sets a personalized learning path for every student, focusing on the discrete skills he or she needs to work on most.
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Career readiness programs
Career & Technical Education Offerings

Prepare your students for the workplace with standards-based curriculum and industry-recognized certificate programs for everything from agriscience to information technology. We offer a variety of engaging online solutions and the ability to build custom textbooks.
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Advanced courses
APⓇ, Honors & Electives

Students who have an opportunity to take on rigorous coursework through Advanced PlacementⓇ, honors, and elective classes in high school develop college-level skills and knowledge that will better prepare them to succeed in college courses.
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Comprehensive Common Core literacy program

Build students’ knowledge and promote sustained critical thinking with the engaging routines and texts in this comprehensive K-5 literacy program. ReadyGEN  is designed to help teachers meet the instructional shifts called for by the Common Core ELA standards.
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K-6 Common Core math program

Help students meet Common Core math standards with the new enVisionmath2.0 that supports print, blended, and 1:1 digital learning experiences. Each grade is organized for coherence across topics, clusters, and domains.
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Digital middle school math program
Connected Mathematics Project 3 (CMP3)

Take inquiry-based learning to the next level. New digital tools engage students while driving conceptual understanding, procedural skill, and real-world applications. They also help teachers maximize instructional time and capture needed student data.
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High school Spanish program

This effective standards-based program seamlessly integrates communication, grammar, culture, and engaging technology to make Spanish real for students. It features the most engaging and time saving digital resources created for the secondary Spanish classroom.
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