With the right balance
assessments can fuel, not just monitor, learning

Balanced Assessment

Learning isn’t a destination. It’s a road of discovery, challenge, curiosity, mistakes, and mastery. We’re working to fuel a lifelong love of learning by enabling students to flourish, teachers to inspire, and parents, schools, and organizations to have confidence that students are making meaningful progress toward their learning objectives. One way to measure that progress is to create better assessments and provide better feedback.

Results from quality assessment provide insights about what students know and can do on test day. A balanced assessment system with classroom or formative assessments can also provide teachers with meaningful feedback to support personalized learning that helps improve student outcomes every day.


Practical tips for achieving balanced assessment

Classroom assessments are an integral part of teaching and learning! Learn what a balanced assessment system looks like, meet the different testing types, and see how they work together to help teachers improve student outcomes.

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Transforming how student progress is measured

The era of pausing learning to assess students may soon be transformed. Learn more about the research and innovations shaping large-scale and classroom assessments.

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