Program Management & Support

Customize your online learning

No matter how far you’ve come on the shift to digital, Pearson Connexus is here to support your team and help you take personalized learning to the next level. With our program management support, you won’t be passed on to multiple contacts. Instead, you’ll get prompt solutions from professionals trained to help your district, school, and classrooms create flexible, student-centered learning.

Manage and grow your program

Courteous help is just a phone call or email away. We’ll assist with student enrollment and placement, data analysis, student recruitment, and tech support to keep your classes in session. All so you can focus on reaching your district’s goals and meeting your students’ changing needs.

Account Managers

You’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will be your main contact when you need support. They’ll help you monitor and renew your licenses and they’ll listen to your recommendations for technical and program enhancements that could improve your digital learning experience.

Dedicated Education Specialists

Partner with Pearson Connexus and you’ll work closely with an Education Specialist — a fellow educator dedicated to understanding your students’ needs and your expectations. So, whether you have a question about curriculum or student placement, we’ll resolve your concerns based on an understanding of your school, your students, and our solutions.

Your Education Specialist will:

  • Prepare you and your staff for the first day of class.
  • Help facilitate student enrollment and placement.
  • Collaborate with your staff, navigating our programs to help address your students’ needs.
  • Provide the evaluation tools and data you need to assess performance and maintain funding.

Program Managers

If you add our Certified Online Teachers to your staff, you’ll also receive support from one of our Program Managers. They’ll help you implement your online curriculum and manage your district’s day-to-day operations, including:

  • Developing processes for effective enrollment, placement, instruction, progress reporting, and invoicing
  • Continuously analyzing performance data and collaborating with your Site Coordinator to make regular improvements
  • Researching and sharing current trends in online learning to support your teachers and students

Student Recruitment Resources

Our team offers multiple student recruitment services to help spread the word in your district. We’ll provide professionally designed promotional materials so you can reach out to students in your community who can benefit from online and blended learning.

Our promotional package includes:

  • An editable course flyer
  • Web content for your district website
  • Email content
  • A resources card
  • An informative PowerPoint presentation
  • A course catalog

Experienced Technical Support

We’re here to help you smoothly navigate our online learning platform and keep your classes in session. Our extensive program management support will allow you to personalize learning without drastically increasing your technology staff’s workload. Think of us as your IT partner.

Our US-based technical support team will:

  • Communicate easily with both teachers and your IT professionals.
  • Use sophisticated remote diagnostic tools to “see” exactly what you see and resolve issues quickly.
  • Operate a help desk from 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, to answer your questions by email and phone.
  • Respond to your after-hours messages and emails within the next business day.

Extensive Online Help Resources

Pearson Connexus also gives your students, teachers, parents, and staff 24/7 access to an extensive searchable Online Help system and online training resources on topics such as using the Connexus®EMS online learning platform, troubleshooting personal computer and software problems, and getting organized and helping students succeed in an online learning environment.

Review our Licensing Options to help you choose the right level of support services for your program.