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Introducing Pearson Connexus

Where are you in the shift to digital?
With the right tools, you can transform learning into a personalized experience that engages students and improves their outcomes. You can empower students with more opportunities and support your educators through the entire journey. And you can create lifelong learners who are prepared for future school and careers.

How do you become a digital learning visionary?

You choose solutions that offer exactly what you need today and can grow to meet your needs tomorrow. Transform learning with Pearson ConnexusTM.

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Meet Pearson Connexus

Let’s build a solution around your students. Start by selecting online courses that give them choices and opportunities. Then decide what, if any, additional services can help you achieve your vision and transform learning in your school.


Build a program that grows with you

No two online and blended learning programs look alike. Your program’s framework will depend on your technology, your community of supporters, and the needs of your particular student population. We provide a range of courses and services to help you build, fine-tune, and scale a digital learning program that delivers next-level personalization for your students. And it’s all delivered with ConnexusEMS — the most innovative, flexible digital-learning platform available.


Online Courses & Curriculum

Expanding choices and opportunities

We’ve got the widest range of content for K–12 learners. Students’ needs are increasing, but your resources aren’t. That’s why innovative education leaders are turning to online courses to bridge the gap.

Pearson Connexus offers over 700 proven, standards-aligned K–12 courses at a variety of course levels including Academic courses (student driven as well as teacher driven), Foundation courses, Honors & AP, and Credit Recovery. We provide multiple instructional pathways such as Prescriptive, Flex, and Sequential in addition to a range of instructional settings including summer school, flipped learning, online and blended, project-based, and more. Pearson Connexus meets the needs of every learner right where they are.

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Instructional Services

Facilitating interactive, personalized instruction

With Pearson Connexus, online doesn’t mean “on your own.” You can add instructional support to help your educators and students thrive in an online learning environment. Help your teachers provide more personalized instruction with grading support and integrated LiveTutor to help answer student questions. Or use our certified online teachers to help resolve staffing challenges and provide more course options for your students.


Program Management & Support

Understanding and addressing your school’s needs

Courteous help is just a phone call or email away. With our program management and support, you won’t be passed on to multiple contacts. Instead, you’ll get prompt solutions from professionals trained to help your school get the most out of online and blended learning.

We’ll help you make the most of our flexible Pearson Connexus platform, assist with student enrollment and placement, and give you the data you need to assess performance and maintain funding. All so you can focus on reaching your district’s goals and adapting your program to meet students’ changing needs.


Professional Development & Coaching

Empowering your teachers and site coordinators

We’ll help make sure that your team members are fully supported and well prepared. Your site coordinator and classroom mentor(s) will receive continuous professional development and coaching as they implement your program and facilitate learning.

To help you successfully implement your online or blended learning program, we provide startup training videos and tutorials as well as a live training session where your team can ask questions unique to your school or district. Once you’re off and running, make sure everyone’s working towards the same goals by sharing resources from our training website or scheduling interactive onsite professional development sessions.

Keeping class in session

Fielding questions from teachers and administrators, our U.S.-based technical support team can help you expand online learning without drastically increasing your technology staff’s workload.

  • Experienced U.S.-based support team
  • Communicates clearly with IT professionals
  • 24/7 access to extensive online help resources

Build the right digital learning solution for your school.

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