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The way we teach and learn is changing quickly. Do you have the right resources to stay ahead of the curve? With GradPoint, you can prepare your students—from at-risk to advanced—for a dynamic, interconnected tomorrow using a variety of learning options.

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Online and Blended Learning

Create a customized online or blended learning environment to meet your specific needs. GradPoint’s 24/7 online access allows you to work with multiple students at multiple access points whenever schedules allow, and its flexible digital courses enable teachers and students to work together easily, both in person or online.


Acceleration/Summer School

Give your students the flexibility they need during the summer for quick credit recovery. Provide a way for your more advanced students to accelerate their learning as well with our Honors or AP® pathways.


Course or Credit Recovery

Help students re-engage and earn credits at their own pace with a prescriptive pathway and a comprehensive course catalog.


Special Education

Create a curriculum path that addresses required content areas and supports Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives.


Dropout Prevention

Help students stay in school with an alternative way to complete coursework for graduation. GradPoint provides a comfortable and safe learning environment that allows for remediation without peer interference or intimidation.


Project-based Learning

GradPoint provides functionality for grouping students together to work on projects in shared spaces including discussion boards and private wikis. The system also supports student collaboration and group submission through integration with Google Drive™.
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