Testing plays an important role in preparing learners

Pearson is the largest provider of educational assessment services in the U.S. We score examinations for the federal government and more than 25 states, including billions of multiple-choice tests and more than 111 million essays every year.

Yet, for us, being the leading assessment provider isn’t about scale. It’s about ensuring learning outcomes are at the heart of every assessment we create. We partner with educators in states and districts across the country to help them develop problem solvers and critical thinkers who are ready for college and careers. Our innovative technology-enhanced items, performance-based assessments, and adaptive learning programs help measure and build key 21st century skills.


How are tests created?

Did you know that it can take up to three years to develop a standardized test? Thousands of experts and educators work together on a thorough and detailed process to create tests that are fair and accurate.

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The Role of Assessment in Education

Our assessments help address real-world measurement challenges and produce reliable information for guiding educational decisions. Let’s look at some examples.

Automated Language Assessment

Schools, corporations, and government agencies around the world accelerate learning with the immediate, actionable feedback from our language tests.
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Early Childhood Assessment

Parents, teachers, and daycare providers identify children at risk for learning difficulties and celebrate milestones with our developmental assessments.
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Large-Scale Assessment

States and districts partner with us to develop next-generation assessment tools that are affordable and accessible for all students.
Learn more about large-scale assessment

Learning Assessment

Educators understand how students learn, what they know, and where they need help by using assessments that guide and personalize instruction.
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Post-Secondary Education Assessment

Students prepare for college and demonstrate the academic ability, specialized knowledge, and English language proficiency that will help them succeed with our assessments and prep materials.
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PreK-16 Education & Special Needs Assessment

Teachers and psychologists enable every learner to achieve a personal best with the complete picture provided by our assessment and intervention tools.
Learn more about PreK-16 education & special needs assessment

Teacher Licensure Testing & Performance Assessment

States ensure teacher quality for every student with our custom teacher licensing and performance assessments aligned to subject and pedagogy standards.
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