PreK-12 Education
Making learning personal sets the foundation for a lifetime of success

What will our world look like in 2028?

That’s when many of today’s preschoolers will graduate high school. We need to prepare these learners for an ever-changing, globally competitive world.

Pearson is working with educators to meet learner needs and deliver measurable results. We’re focused on critical and creative thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Our goal is to help all learners prepare for college and careers, so everyone can enjoy a bright and promising future.


What do you want your learners to achieve?

Like you, we’re entirely focused on learners and their goals. Learn about research we’re doing and how we’re working to provide evidence of our impact on learner outcomes.

Efficacy & Research at Pearson

Topics in K-12 Education

Explore topics and practices to create a vibrant new learning culture and improve outcomes.


College & Career Readiness

We help educators teach rigorous standards to build life-long learners.



Educator Effectiveness

Our evaluation and support services help schools reach all learners.




We personalize learning to make science, technology, engineering & math come alive.

K12, Higher Ed



We help improve learning outcomes for English language learners.



Next-Generation Learning & Assessment

Our innovative curricula and assessments engage 21st century learners.



Response to Intervention

We help leaders implement systemic change to unlock student and teacher potential.




Parents, encourage your child to become a lifelong learner

From academic benchmarks and tips designed to help you track and support your child’s progress to homework help ideas, engaging games, and printables, we make it easier for you to actively participate in your child’s education.

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“Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”

—Malala Yousafzai