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  • Multiracial college students enjoying working together while studying

    Setting up students for success in the flipped classroom

    More and more educators have flipped their classrooms and thus, great ideas are emerging to contribute to the bigger conversation about this new model for teaching and learning. Educational technology advances are also contributing new tools to help educators interact with their students like never before. Dr. Matthew Stoltzfus from The Ohio State University flipped his classroom several years ago […]
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  • Elementary students sitting around a large table creating art projects

    Risk and Protective Factors Associated with the Bullying Involvement of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders | Pearson Blog

    In previous reviews, we examined the complexities of bullying and social aggression within the context of social status (Faris and Felmlee 2011) and the 13 predictors of school bullying (Cook, Williams, Guerra, Kim, & Sadek, 2010) which include both individual student characteristics (externalizing and internalizing behaviors, social competence, self-related and other-related thoughts and perceptions, and academic performance) and contextual aspects […]
  • Asian male college student sitting and looking at an open laptop

    Homework: How an online program got my students to do it

    Homework. Getting students to actually do it is a universal problem educators face every year. In educational technology circles, it is thought that the interactive nature would engage and motivate students to complete it. According to a study published in the International Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, students in general do like online learning. However, the study […]
  • Four Asian college students walking down the hallway

    Mike Rose Found a Fuller Understanding of Higher Education Students | Pearson Blog

    The national conversation around college and career readiness has an urgency for our economy and for learners who, through higher education, are seeking ways to make a living and to make a life. Mike Rose’s perspective about the current state of higher education is one I wanted to pursue to add to this greater conversation. He is an acclaimed writer […]
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    K-12 Students Want to Use Mobile Devices More in the Classroom but Wifi Access Remains a Challenge | Pearson Blog

    Mobile device learning and its adoption in the classroom continues to grow, according to this year’s findings from a survey by Harris Poll conducted on behalf of Pearson. Smartphone ownership among students in grades 4-12 has risen since last year, and increases with grade level: eight in ten students now own a smartphone. As students grow older, they are more […]
  • Five college students sitting in classroom desks talking in a group

    Online educational tools + a flipped classroom = a winning combination for students

    Gone are the days when students sit in class after class taking notes, quizzes, and exams. Students today want to actively learn in the classroom and on their own. Digital technology and new classroom models are providing the environment today’s students prefer. Understanding the desires of today’s students, Instructor Ruth White implemented not only online digital technology in her Business […]
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    A Brave New World | Pearson Blog

    Instructor Profile After receiving her Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Oklahoma, Monica Flippin-Wynn worked as a television assignment editor, a producer, and in television and radio public relations. Flippin-Wynn’s primary research areas are race and ethnicity, social media and technology, engagement and assessment, and gender. For the last five years, she has served as assistant professor and media […]