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Statement on Pearson’s Role Helping States Implement Their Assessment Policies

At Pearson, everything we do starts with the recognition that teachers are central to the learning process, and their subject matter expertise and insights about our students are critical to improving outcomes for all our learners. In every state we serve, local teachers participate throughout the development and implementation of assessments that provide one important indicator of student progress.

Pearson does not set state policies. Each state education agency develops policies and practices to ensure the security and validity of their statewide assessments. We are a services provider, and we work with our state education customers to help implement their policies in concert with research-based, industry best practices to ensure a fair, valid test for every student.

We believe states should regularly release test questions and that the content and structure of the test should be transparent to parents, students and teachers. Each state sets its policies about releasing the full test or specific test questions following the annual testing session.

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