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Pearson Skips University to Hunt for Deals in Africa

Bloomberg – Amy Thomson


Pearson Plc Chief Financial Officer Robin Freestone, with 1 billion pounds ($1.6 billion) to spend on deals this year, is studying new takeover targets amid sluggish funding for publicly funded schools and universities. The company is seeking to buy for-profit education companies in markets such as India, Brazil and China as well as websites and software that help people acquire new skills, Freestone said in an interview in Bloomberg’s London office. “The fast growing part of the education market globally at the moment is people training to do a specific job and that can be a construction worker, an accountant, a lawyer, a financier, someone who wants to work in the hotel industry,” Freestone said yesterday. “The growth in that part of the market is running at about twice the level of students going into university currently.” als-in-africa.html