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Pacing Themselves

Inside Higher Ed

April 19

The media conglomerate Pearson today announced a partnership with Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana to provide online, self-paced courses that the company says will help Ivy Tech deal with student demand and overcrowding issues in required general education courses.

For Pearson, which already sells modules for instructor-led courses, the move represents a further step in the company’s strategy of inserting itself into virtually every area of e-learning short of full degree programs.

“We thought it was time for us to have a self-paced play that our partners could then plug into their institutions and get more students into higher education,” said Don Kilburn, the CEO of Pearson Learning Solutions.

Pearson so far has developed introductory courses in American government, accounting, English and psychology for the new self-paced course portal, which is called Propero. Eight additional courses are in the works, according to a news release. Pearson is selling the courses for $299 per student, per course — a price that includes temporary access to a Pearson e-textbook and 10 free hours of online tutoring support.