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Just the Facts: How Pearson Hires Test Scorers

Some have raised questions about Pearson’s recruitment of test scorers in Texas, including
advertisements in Craigslist. Here are the facts:

  • Pearson conducts an exhaustive search for the very best people to score student
    tests. Pearson works with the same employment resources used by school
    systems across the state such as the Austin, Houston and San Antonio
    independent school districts to promote career opportunities.
  • Pearson advertises broadly for qualified test scorers. The extensive search for test
    scorers in Texas includes advertisements with 21 different organizations and
    publications including the National Council of Teachers of English, the Austin
    American-Statesman newspaper and the Texas Workforce Commission.

    Here is a list of publications and organizations with which Pearson advertised as part of the search for test scorers:

    • The Chronicle of Higher Education
    • The English Journal
    • The Council Chronicle
    • Education Week
    • American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
    • National Council of Teachers of English
    • CareerBuilder.com
    • Austin American Statesman
    • Austin Job Finder
    • El Mundo
    • The University of Texas at Austin
    • St. Edwards University
    • Huston-Tillotson University
    • Texas State University
    • Texas Workforce Commission
    • TexasOnlineJobs.com
    • AllStarJobs.com
    • Facebook
    • Craigslist
    • ClassfiedAds.com
    • Austin Chronicle
  • Texas school districts such as the Austin, Houston and San Antonio independent
    school districts, The University of Texas at Austin, Texas Tech University, and
    many other organizations also advertise career opportunities on Craigslist.
  • All test scorers hired by Pearson must have at least a four-year degree and
    undergo very rigorous, state-approved training before they are allowed to begin
    work. As part of this rigorous training, applicants must complete and pass
    practice sets before being eligible to work. The rigorous training program for
    scorers was developed with the Texas Education Agency, and TEA must approve
    all final training materials.
  • Of the 4,059 total scorers in Texas, 2911 (71 percent) have at least one year of
    teaching experience, 3,385 (83 percent) have at least a writing-related four-year
    college degree, and 1,114 (27 percent) have at least a four-year college degree
    in English.
  • Scorers are closely monitored on a daily basis, with each student test carefully
    reviewed by two scorers, to ensure that scores are accurate and reliable.
  • Pearson is a proud part of the Texas economy, with more than 1,800 full time and
    2,425 part time employees—many former educators—working at Pearson’s Texas
    offices in Austin, Dallas and San Antonio. Pearson also contracted with more than

    80 women or minority-owned Texas businesses last year.