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A Message Regarding Pearson’s Online Testing Services

April 23rd, 2014

Pearson assessment customers:

Yesterday, there were intermittent disruptions to some of our online testing services caused by network outages at CenturyLink, a company we contract with to deliver internet services.  This disruption affected a large amount of internet traffic for CenturyLink users and customers, including Pearson, across the United States.  CenturyLink has identified the root cause of this network failure and fixed it overnight.  Pearson’s assessment systems are fully operational this morning.

 As a precaution, we implemented additional contingencies last night and activated an alternate path for internet traffic to our systems from a separate internet service provider.  We know that this CenturyLink disruption impacted students taking assessments yesterday, and we apologize for the problems this may have caused.


Douglas Kubach               

President, Pearson School