Digital Delivery of Course Materials

Most educators agree that students who don’t have access to required course materials on the first day of class are at a disadvantage. In a survey of over 22,000 college students, 64 percent said they opted out of buying course materials for the first day of class.

This decision can have a negative impact on students’ choices, including:

  • Taking fewer courses per semester
  • Not registering for a course
  • Dropping a course
  • Failing a course

Getting required course materials into the hands of students on the first day of class can be a surprisingly complex process. Working together with institutional leaders, faculty, and college resellers, we’re putting innovative digital delivery models in place that simplify getting students access to the materials they need from the very first day of class while improving affordability.

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The course materials delivery dilemma

Buying required course materials for a college class may seem like a straightforward transaction, but the reality is anything but. The hunt for bargain books is a long and complicated path that often leads students to forego buying essential materials altogether.

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How can digital delivery improve student and faculty success?

Increasing student engagement and success with digital models

In this recorded webinar, learn how Dr. Anastasia Morrone of Indiana University is driving an ambitious, institution‑wide initiative that helps reduce the cost of education and provide faculty with powerful instructional tools. The IU eText initiative puts the focus on learners and asks how technology can improve affordability and expand access to critical course materials while increasing student engagement and success.

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Digital Success Stories

See how innovative approaches to digital delivery of course materials are making a positive impact at institutions like yours.

Working together toward digital delivery

Learn how we’re working with educators and stakeholders like you to transition to digital delivery of course materials.