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Technology is putting access to quality learning experiences within reach for each and every student, in classrooms — both online and face to face — across the country. Pearson is passionate about partnering with institutions and educators to support them as they leverage this technology to ensure students’ academic and career success.

Explore this site to learn how transitioning to digital can have a positive impact at your institution, read about other institutions’ successes, and find out how Pearson can help you chart your digital future.


Transforming affordability

Up to one-third of students don’t purchase their course materials in an effort to save money, but without these materials, they’re unable to effectively engage in class.* The transition to digital ensures every student’s access to essential materials from the first day of class — at a price point they can afford.


Transforming access

72% of undergraduate students are employed either full- or part-time,* quickly making the atypical student typical. In order for academic programs to fit the lives of today’s working students, and ensure equitable access for all learners, institutions are transitioning to digital options with blended and fully online programs.

*Source: US Census Bureau: School Enrollment and Work Status 2011

Transforming achievement

Research shows that as many as 64% of students opt out of purchasing required course materials for the first day of class, undermining students’ academic progress, and costing them opportunities in the long run

Learn how day-one access to required course materials impacts achievement 
What’s on the table?

It’s clear that while educators are the driving force behind changes in education, the students are using technology to personalize their own learning experience. Explore students’ perceptions of digital in the classroom in our latest report, Digital appetite vs. what’s on the table: Student attitudes toward digital course materials in 2016.

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