Competency-Based Education (CBE)

With competency-based education, institutions can help students complete credentials in less time, at lower cost—with a focus on real-world learning that leads to greater employability. This versatile model benefits the student, the instructor, the institution, and the economy.

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Competency-based Education Playbook

Pearson’s experts in competency-based education created the CBE Playbook in order to pull together  the abundance of advice in many areas that a CBE program touches on into one cohesive document. This overview of the Playbook outlines and defines the seven work streams—from CBE strategy and integration on through to marketing and recruiting—that institutions need to understand before launching a CBE program.

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A New Measure for Collegiate Learning: What Presidents Think About the Promises and Pitfalls of Competency-Based Education

Conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education in the spring of 2015, “A New Measure for Collegiate Learning”, shows widespread support for awarding credits based on competencies. Completed by nearly 200 college and university presidents, the survey focuses on their attitudes of competency-based education, their experience with alternative forms of measuring learning and the potential barriers to change.

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Competency-Based Education Framework & Readiness Assessment

Pearson’s thought leaders in competency-based education created this tool to help institutions gauge their readiness to implement a CBE program. The framework outlines seven necessary components to consider—from market analysis and program design to admissions/registration and continuous improvement—to help you deliver effective competency-based education.

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Competency-Based Learning Comes to THECB

In this interview, Dr. Van Davis of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) explains the value his organization sees in competency-based learning and discusses why this increasingly popular model of education is being embraced by his state.

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Accelerating Degree Completion and Improving Affordability in Higher Education

Pearson partners with institutions to develop competency-based online programs that improve achievement and affordability.

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Putting Students First: The Case for Competency-Based Education

What is competency-based education? How can we really know that it’s an effective model for improving the state of higher education? Learn more about competency-based learning and institutions that are implementing it well.

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Measuring Mastery: Best Practices for Assessment in Competency-Based Education

This paper provides insights about how test developers and program administrators can work to validate their assessments and establish performance levels that map to real-world mastery, paying particular attention to the kinds of research and development common in other areas of assessment.

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Creating Pathways for More Affordable Degree Programs in Texas

Texas A&M University-Commerce, South Texas College, and Pearson have partnered to deliver competency-based education degrees.

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Dr. Corrine Gordon, Northern Arizona University (NAU), explores what it means to be a truly educated person and whether seat time is the best way to measure learning. Hear how competency-based education is being used at NAU to ensure that learning comes first.

Lorne Oke, Executive Director of the Center for Innovation & Learning at Indiana Wesleyan University, shares his thoughts on online learning and how CBE continues to enhance the learning experience.

Todd Hitchcock, COO of Pearson Embanet, shares his thoughts on the state of online learning - where it is and where it's headed, touching upon evolving student support services, the use of data & analytics and emerging learning models.

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Online Learning Services

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