Our differences enrich us
and spark new ways of thinking

Diversity & Access

Diversity in education matters, and it plays an important role in our mission of helping people make more of their lives through learning. Our differences give us unique perspectives that can enrich our learning, work, and lives.
Research has shown that diversity can have a positive impact on learning outcomes as well. By working to ensure learners of all walks of life have equitable access to education, we all benefit from a richer and more diverse learning experience.


Race, Class, and College Access: Achieving Diversity in a Shifting Legal Landscape

This report uncovers leading practices and strategies that higher education institutions are using to advance their diversity goals.

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Gender Intelligence

Better enable your people to honor, recognize, and leverage the talents and contributions of both men and women through the power of Gender Intelligence®.

In partnership with the Gender Intelligence Group and Barbara Annis, we’ve created a transformational learning experience that reveals the natural occurring characteristics that influence how women and men think and communicate. Gender Intelligence can transform individuals, teams, and whole organizations while unlocking even higher levels of performance.

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A group of students tell their diversity experiences and why it matters to them.

Diversity in Schools Improves Learning Outcomes

It’s important that our institutions of higher learning reflect the world in which college graduates live and work. This infographic highlights the research-proven ways that a diverse educational environment enriches the learning experience and improves outcomes for all students.

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