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College Readiness & Completion

As more students from diverse backgrounds enter college, it’s essential to provide them with every opportunity to succeed, complete college, and enter the workforce.

An experienced and committed long-term partner in education, Pearson has the expertise and world-class resources to put us in an unrivaled position to prepare learners for the realities of college and the workplace.

Our partnership starts with a shared understanding of the opportunity for improvement—be it to raise achievement with interactive learning and insights into reliable performance data; expand access to education with powerful educational technology on devices our customers use daily; or present more affordable solutions that maximize return on investment. We tailor personalized learning for students, educators, and institutions that address some of the biggest and most pressing opportunities in education.

Select a topic in the menu to learn how Pearson’s proven educational content, technologies, and services are helping learners and educators achieve college readiness and long-term student success. And learn more about the state of college readiness in the United States below.

State of College Readiness in the United States

Get the facts. View the resources below to learn who our college students are, how many successfully earn their degrees, and the challenges they experience along the way.

This video explores three critical areas in the college readiness life-cycle: pre-college; entry/assessment/placement; and developmental education.

Student Snapshot

Higher Education in the United States
This handy student snapshot provides a variety of facts and figures—from enrollment, remediation, and college completion rates to loans, finances, and mobile device use.
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Diversity Matters

Discover how a diverse educational environment enriches the learning experience and improves outcomes for all students.

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The State of College & Career Readiness – Part 1

What is the situation around college readiness in the United States? Let’s explore how we are doing in the Pre-college, Entry/Assessment/ Placement, and Developmental Education phases of the college readiness life-cycle.


Source: College Board (2012-2013). Ensuring College Readiness for All Students. Retrieved from

See all of the statistics from the video above in this powerful college and career readiness infographic.

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College & Career Efficacy Results 2014

Explore these data-driven case studies that document improved college readiness, achievement, retention, and completion.

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