Harness the power of elearning
to accelerate students' progress and improve their success

Acceleration, Redesign, and Readiness

We’re on a mission to help people make progress in their lives through learning. An important part of that mission is creating learning experiences that drive student success. To that end, we are partnering with institutions across the country to harness the power of elearning to make changes to existing courses, sequences of courses, or programs—all with the goal of making a positive, measurable, sustainable impact on student success.

Explore acceleration, redesign, and readiness for your institution

Strategies for acceleration, redesign, and readiness can be implemented in nearly any course or program. Most often they begin in developmental, foundational, or gateway courses in math and English and may be implemented at the individual course, departmental, systemic, or even state level.

Is your institution ready to take the next step in accelerating students’ progress through the developmental curriculum or restructuring courses to improve student success? Explore resources by domain or model to learn how we can help you maximize impact and improve student success.

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Models and approaches for acceleration, redesign, and readiness

Your institution may be exploring changes to course offerings, delivery, sequence, and format. Depending on the goals of your redesign—whether you're trying to accelerate completion, improve readiness for subsequent courses, or increase other measures of student success—some models and approaches may be a better fit than others. Some of the most common models include:


Partnerships that get results

We’ve worked with countless institutions to drive student success as they redesign existing courses or sequences of courses or make changes to their entire programs. The efficacy results of these redesign initiatives highlight the kind of impact we can make together on learning outcomes.

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