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Submission Guidelines

Make sure you have a YouTube or Google account. In order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube or Google account. Need to create an account?

Speak clearly in a quiet space. Make sure you speak up! You should project your voice and speak clearly and confidently. Be sure to shoot your video in a quiet space.

Light your face, not the background. Shooting with a bright light behind you prevents us from seeing you!

Title and tag it. Be sure to use “One Professor” in your video title on YouTube and include your name and school. Use the tag “One Professor” or “#oneprof” to describe your video. Consider other tags so that your video is findable (e.g. your school name, your name, your professor’s name).

No logos, please. The use of graphics and creativity is welcome, but please refrain from using any logos on your person or in your video. This includes your school logo, clothing logos, or any trademarked logo.

Inform your One Professor. It’s your responsibility to let your professor know about your video submission. Some may ask you to take it down. Please respect their requests for privacy.

Upload your video to YouTube. Videos must be under two minutes in length. If filmed on your phone, check the video after uploading to make sure it is rotated in the correct direction.