Pearson’s Success Solution

Learners today want to make sure they’re prepared for career success — for their future careers, advancement in their current careers, or even for a wholesale career change. This requires mastery of the necessary occupation-specific competencies, but just as important are learners’ interpersonal skills and personal qualities. These so-called soft skills enable individuals to manage themselves, interact effectively with others in the workplace, and ensure career success.

Pearson’s Success Solution is a collection of products and tools designed to help learners at all ages and stages develop the personal and social capabilities that are vital for successful 21st century employment. Combining both behavioral and formative assessment, the solution enables learners to report how ready they believe they are for college and career success, to build on those strengths and weaknesses through formative assessment, and to connect their academic plan with their career plan.

This integrated solution can be implemented in whole or in part, and includes these core products:

  • MyCareerSuccessLab™
  • GRIT™ Program on Mindset
  • Digital Credentials (Badging)
  • MyStudentSuccessLab™
  • Conley Readiness Index
  • Labor Market Data
  • MyFoundationsLab® for Student Success

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