Collaborating to improve online learning outcomes

We’re in the business of building sustainable, lasting partnerships with some of the nation’s top academic institutions. In doing so, the needs of academic partners, their students, and faculty become a priority in all facets of our business. We have over 45 partners and support more than 250 online degree programs.

We give each and every program we represent the personal attention it deserves. Our cross-functional team is passionate about developing and supporting a program we all can be proud of, which sets us apart from our competitors.

By taking this approach, we preserve the reputation of our academic partners while working to become the definitive provider of online learning solutions and technical support for institutions.

How a partnership works

Our staff delivers support both directly and indirectly. Each partnership involves a cross-functional team headed by a Managing Director who oversees all aspects of the relationship.

Individuals work directly with their counterparts at your institution—generally on a weekly basis—to manage marketing and student support. They also collaborate with faculty to create instructional design and develop strategies to ensure high retention rates.

Each academic term, the Managing Director meets with his or her counterparts from within your institution to evaluate progress and set future goals to facilitate the ongoing success of our partnership. All activities are carried out with complete transparency at the degree of participation that you desire.


Learn how an OPM solution can strengthen your institution

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