Student Recruitment

Student recruitment strategies that transform the recruiting experience

Student recruitment can be a time- and labor-intensive process for institutions launching an online learning program.

Over the last two decades, we’ve developed and refined our strategy by establishing a highly trained team of recruitment specialists who take a personalized approach to attracting and retaining qualified students. Our technologies allow almost instant engagement with prospective students as well as effective and timely progress monitoring throughout student recruitment.

Enrollment Advisors

Each of our academic partners is partnered with an Enrollment Advisor who serves as the initial point of contact with potential students. Enrollment Advisors act as an extension of our academic partner’s student services team and engage prospective students in an interactive, friendly, and helpful manner to familiarize them with the school and program and help move them through the admissions process.

Enrollment Advisors help prospective students by

Answering admission-related questions

Assisting with the application, financial aid, and registration process

Determining whether a student meets admissions criteria


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