Program Funding

Providing the expertise and financing to deliver success

Online programs require significant resources at launch and throughout to keep them functioning properly.

We help our academic partners overcome the resource requirements and financing challenges of entering the online learning marketplace by covering almost all upfront costs. This investment allows you to harness our experience and resources to enter the online marketplace more quickly, deeply, and profitably than would otherwise be possible.

Funding focused on learner outcomes

While the amount of financing needed by the institution in the first year varies, many times it is limited to the cost of the market and institutional readiness tests.

We’re compensated when students pay their tuition, so we’re motivated to keep them enrolled in your program through graduation. We operate on a revenue-shared model which has become prevalent in long-term partnerships in higher education. It transfers nearly all of the financial risk from the academic institution to Pearson Embanet.


Learn how an OPM solution can strengthen your institution

Our free, comprehensive guide offers deans, provosts, and faculty insight into how to launch or expand an online program and how to choose the best partner for superior outcomes.

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