Hosting Solutions

Developing an LMS platform you can count on

Our academic partners need consistent, dependable service with minimal downtime. To uphold these high service standards, we deliver best-in-class hosting solutions on select LMS platforms. In addition, all core marketing, recruitment, retention, and instructional design services are available and applicable on any public LMS platform.

The integrity of our hosting services, technical support, integration points, and potential customizations is a top priority. We ensure that each service is backed by a team of experts who provide maximum performance and reliability for all of our online learning applications.

Data centers and security

Our hosting data centers adhere to the most demanding standards for security and redundancy available in professional operations. We provide the physical environment necessary to keep servers up and running 24 hours a day to ensure that critical data is kept safe and secure.

A configuration of redundant routers, firewalls, servers, and subsystems provides continuous access to the hosted LMS platform for faculty and students. Our systems track, monitor, and protect the network, maintaining data security and system integrity.


Learn how an OPM solution can strengthen your institution

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