Faculty Support & Training

Supporting faculty by creating positive learning outcomes

Your faculty and staff members are vital to students’ learning outcomes. While the delivery methods differ, online education relies on the expertise and passion of dedicated faculty looking to improve the lives of students through knowledge.

Learning occurs differently online. Because of this, faculty support becomes an important part of launching an online learning environment. We devote time to building an extensive faculty training program.

Once a course begins in development, we engage faculty in training sessions that include:

  • Assisting with curriculum development
  • Developing media that supports learning
  • Implementing the physical administration of the online classroom and learning system

After development, we:

  • Assist with any logistical details that may arise
  • Provide help desk services and in-class retention specialists
  • Support faculty and staff once classes start

Faculty will feel confident about working in the online environment and will focus on what really matters: their students’ learning experience.

We can help find champions for your program

With exponential growth in short periods of time, your program may have staffing needs. We can help you recruit experienced and qualified staff members who can support your program’s online development. We’ll use your qualification standards to find a pool of applicants from which you can select and appoint.


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