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Online Program Management: Comprehensive support for online degree programs

Whether we’re launching or delivering degree programs, we’re passionate about the business of higher education. It’s one of the primary reasons we’ve become the strategic online learning partner of choice for colleges and universities.

Our mission is to increase student enrollment, support the online learning experience, boost graduation rates, and deliver on employability by providing funding and expertise in program development, marketing, admissions, technical support, and student services.

Our core values are embedded into everything that we do. It’s this commitment that helps preserve our partners’ academic integrity while generating positive results that go beyond the bottom line.

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We provide a comprehensive set of services that integrate best practices to ensure meeting your institution’s online education goals. Pearson helps institutions develop and sustain high-growth, scalable, and rigorous online learning programs.

Partnership tips for superior online outcomes

Planning to launch or expand an online program? Want better online performance and outcomes? Consider an online program management (OPM) partnership with Pearson Embanet. Here’s how we can help you get started.

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