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Managed services to help community colleges succeed

To make transformational change, you need extensive resources and skillsets. We can help. We’ve built strategic partnerships with more than 50 innovative institutions, providing human capital, infrastructure, and funding to help them develop successful programs, reach new student populations, and promote student success.

Shared risk and reward are the cornerstone of everything we do: we succeed only when you succeed. Working together, we can increase student inquiries and grow your enrollments. Then, we can provide personalized student counseling and mentoring throughout the student lifecycle, to improve persistence and ensure more timely completions.

Our experts and best practices can bolster your existing organization, enabling you to respond to performance-based funding models and enhance all aspects of your students’ experience.

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Resources to help you and your students achieve key goals

Today, community colleges need more effective approaches to managing recruitment and enrollment. Your students require more personalized support and new pathways to success. You must serve employers’ changing needs faster, with greater flexibility.

Priorities like these can be difficult to address with existing resources. Working with Pearson, your community college can draw on our comprehensive resources.

Whatever mix of resources offers the most value, we make sure everything works together. Embedded on campus, our cross-functional teams listen, communicate, collaborate, adapt, and deliver.

Core Services

  •   Strategies investment (captial & resources)
  •   Institutional assessment, research, and high-access strategies
  •   Marketing services and asset development
  •   Recruitment and enrollment management services
  •   Personalized developmental education and remediation solutions
  •   Academic advising
  •   Student retention and persistence services

Secondary Services

  •   Digital courseware
  •   Technology integration, services, and college management systems
  •   Online and blended course delivery platforms
  •   Instructional design, course development, and curriculum modeling
  •   Just-in-time tutoring
  •   Faculty support and training
  •   Course content


Improving student success and insitutional performance at community colleges

Discover new approaches that help community college leaders improve institutional performance and promote student success.

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Strengthen student outcomes and improve institutional performance

If you’re a community college with ambitious goals and difficult challenges, partnering with Pearson may be your best route to success. Discover how: contact a community college services expert.

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