Alternative Credentials

As online education continues to grow, so does the opportunity to acquire certifications and credentials outside of a credit-based degree program. Because of this, learners are constantly looking for ways to stand out by developing new skills in a way that’s personalized to fit their already busy schedules.

With alternative credentials, learners get recognition of knowledge they’ve gained from non-degree coursework. It’s an ideal way of acknowledging the learning and developing that happens in or outside of the classroom for students whose lives are anything but traditional.

Pearson serves as a dedicated partner to help create an alternative credentialing program that allows learners to demonstrate skills and competencies through distinctions such as digital badges, certificates, and micro-credentials. Together, let’s improve learners’ employability and contribute to a stronger workforce.

There are several approaches to creating an alternative credentialing program. How do you determine which is best for your institution? Pearson’s products, services, and partners can help you create a viable alternative credentialing program.

Here are three key factors to consider before you get started:

Labor Market Data Program and Course Development Communicating Competencies

Labor Market Data

The first step in planning an alternative credentialing program is to determine which skills and careers are most in demand for your local community.
Consulting Services

Our team of education consultants brings deep experience in higher ed administration, data analysis, and strategic planning in partnership with leading institutions.

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Program & Course Development

It’s important to know the best approaches to take when designing your alternative credentialing courses and/or program. From instructor-led or self-paced, ready-to-go online courses to personalized curriculum services, we can help you deliver a top-notch program that focuses on developing the skills development learners need to succeed in the workforce.
Certiport (IT Certifications)

Certiport develops and delivers performance-based certification exams and practice test solutions for academic institutions, workforce, and corporate technology markets.
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Curriculum Services

Pearson’s high-quality, tailored, and student-centered curriculum development meets each client’s needs, from on-ground to blended to fully online courses.
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Flatiron School

Pearson Partner

Flatiron School

Flatiron School’s Learn platform powers on-campus courses and full-time training programs in high-demand software development skills that simulate precisely a professional coder’s environment.
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General Assembly

Pearson Partner

General Assembly

General Assembly offers mentor-led, career-focused programs online in areas such as digital marketing, web development, data analytics, and user experience design.
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In this self-paced online learning program, students can master academic courses at their own pace using award-winning content and academic support from Pearson.
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Workforce Education Courses

Pearson Workforce Education helps colleges create quality workforce training programs that can help improve outcomes for students, local communities, and institutions. Our 70+ online, self-paced and instructor-led courses can diversify and bolster your workforce program.
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Communicating Competencies

It’s equally important for students to easily share their accomplishments as it is for employers to understand which skills and competencies they’ve earned. Platforms that support digital badges, such as Acclaim, are becoming increasingly more popular.
Digital Badges

Digital badges let community colleges provide students with valuable evidence of professional and experiential learning achievements online in the form of digital badges.
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