Online academic tutoring from Smarthinking improves student success

Pearson’s efficacy studies validate that students who use Smarthinking get higher grades and are more likely to complete their courses. Read more about the results of institutions using Smarthinking to improve learning outcomes below.

Broward College

Spring 2015 results

Broward College's spring 2015 results show an 84.3% success rate among Smarthinking users, compared to an average 66.1% success rate for non-users—a difference of 18.2%.
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Success rates among Smarthinking users, compared to non-users.

Smarthinking Users

84.3% success rate

18.2% than non-users

Smarthinking Non-users

66.1% success rate

18.2% than users

Case Study

Course Completion

Students using Smarthinking are

8 times more likely

to successfully complete their courses.

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