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With Smarthinking’s online tutoring service, you can get help whenever and wherever you need it. Learn more about how to get started with the resources below.

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Many schools, colleges, and universities offer Smarthinking tutoring services to their students. Please check with your institution to determine if you can access our services through your school before purchasing individual tutoring services directly from Smarthinking.

How to use Smarthinking

These resources will help you get the most out of Smarthinking tutoring.

Smarthinking Tutorial Overview

Did you know there are four different types of tutoring available through Smarthinking? Check out this video to explore the various tutoring options available to you. Please note, not all institutions offer all tutoring types.

How to Use Drop in Tutoring

Do you know how to use the drop-in tutoring feature? Check out this video to learn how to access drop-in tutoring so that you can type back and forth with a live tutor using a whiteboard!

How to Schedule a Tutoring Session

Do you know how to schedule a tutoring session? Check out this video to learn how to schedule a tutoring session that works with your calendar! Remember, if you schedule tutoring sessions, it’s important to always attend them.

How to Use a Whiteboard

Do you know how to use a whiteboard? Check out this video to learn how to work with tutors via the whiteboard during drop-in or scheduled tutoring sessions.

How to Communicate with Tutors

Would you like to receive helpful tips on how to communicate with tutors effectively? Check out this video for tips when working with a tutor to enhance your experience and improve your learning.

Getting Writing Help

Do you need help with writing? Check out this video to discover the three different ways you can obtain writing help through the Smarthinking Writing Center.

How to Submit an Essay

Do you know how to submit an essay to get helpful writing feedback? Check out this video to learn how to submit an essay using the Smarthinking Essay Center! Once submitted, your essay can be reviewed for overall writing feedback. This includes content, thesis statement, introduction, conclusion and paragraph and sentence structure development.

How to Use Writing Feedback

Did you receive writing feedback on an essay you submitted? Check out this video to learn how to effectively use writing feedback in order to make your essay the best it can possibly be!