Institutional Services & Solutions

Pearson provides a variety of products and solutions to help higher education institutions overcome challenges and realize opportunities for change and growth.


Online Learning Services

Whether your institution requires a full-service approach to creating online degree programs or individual learning solutions to meet specific needs, we have answers. We offer effective, personalized teaching and learning solutions such as online program management, tailored services, and digital resources at the institutional, program, and student level.

Online Program Management
Tailored Services
Digital Resources

Innovative Learning Models

How do you reach students with different learning styles? By implementing innovative  learning models and using technology in education in advanced ways. Whether you are looking to explore competency-based education, badging, adaptive learning, or other emerging models, we have the expertise and resources to begin your journey.

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Consulting Services

Our team of education consultants brings deep experience in higher ed administration, data analysis, and strategic planning in partnership with leading institutions.

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Curriculum Services

Our high-quality, tailored, and student-centered curriculum development meets each client’s needs, from on-ground to blended to fully online courses.

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Student Services

We can work with you to create personalized, student-centered learning solutions to support online, blended, or face-to-face learning, support more adult students, or redesign your developmental education course.

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Digital Delivery of Course Materials

We’re working with institutional leaders, faculty, and college resellers to put innovative digital delivery models in place that improve affordability and give students access to the materials they need on the first day of class.

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