Pearson Custom Library

You’re the expert when it comes to your courses. Pearson Custom Library (PCL) lets you translate that expertise to your course materials — simply and affordably.

The process of developing course materials can be extremely time-consuming. Many instructors spend countless hours and resources searching for the right materials for their course, only to end up settling for something that doesn’t quite fit, or requiring students to purchase multiple textbooks, using only a few chapters from each.

Select content from hundreds of Pearson textbooks, plus a vast array of other resources, including cases, readings, and lab materials for one-of-a-kind course materials that fit your teaching goals. Have your own materials, like a syllabus, some course notes, or other handouts? You can even add these to your custom book!

With the Pearson Custom Library (PCL) online book building platform, you can create uniquely-tailored textbooks with no hassles, and students pay only for what they need.