Customizable Technology Resources

Pearson’s educational solutions are built using world-class content and pedagogy. What if, in addition to using that content, you had the ability to organize the content in a way that was best for your course? What if you could create multimedia resources that would make your lessons more efficient and more engaging for your students? What if you had access to unique and easy-to-use digital tools or solutions that would enhance and supplement your lessons and speak to your students’ diverse learning styles? And better yet, what if someone could build it all for you?

Pearson makes that vision a reality, and offers you the chance to capitalize on this new era of learning and student-driven discovery by building a learning environment that’s right for your students.

From eTextbooks to online courses, Pearson works with instructors to create a customized technology solution specific to your course requirements and needs. Our educational experts have extensive experience developing creative format solutions and/or services that deliver custom technology solutions to meet your specific course requirements.

Here are just a few examples of the successful technology services we offer:

  • Customizable eTextbooks
  • Online and Blended Courses
  • Engaging Digital Assets
  • Simulated Lab environment
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Content and User Access Consolidation


eBooks: Going Digital

In this time of migration from print to digital content, knowledge is power. Are you equipped to navigate
the world of eBooks? Understand eBooks and determine what works best for their unique needs and goals.

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Pearson Custom Technology

Working together to evolve the learning environment. Smart reasons to personalize your teaching environment with high-quality, uniquely-built digital tools.

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