College & Career Readiness

The challenge of promoting college and career readiness and preparing learners to enroll and succeed in credit-bearing courses isn’t one you face alone. Pearson empowers educators and institutions to prepare learners to succeed in college, the workforce, and the 21st-century global economy.

With our proven solutions and services to increase college and career readiness, we support you in carrying out your essential mission—helping students succeed.

  • Pre-college & entry/placement solutions
  • Test/GED preparation programs
  • Online diagnostics and assessments
  • Developmental/remedial services
  • Course redesign services
  • Online and live personalized tutoring and mentor services


Remedial Education Reform

​Pearson has partnered with more than 400 institutions nationwide to create scalable college and career readiness solutions. These institutions have implemented promising practices and achieved significant results in their efforts to fix the gateway to student success, college completion, and employability.

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Learn how Cerritos College accelerates the path to remediation via innovative education models and a unique course redesign.


Achieving Diversity in a Shifting Legal Landscape

Discover how institutions are implementing innovative, race-blind admissions policies to help advance their missions of increasing equitable access and creating a diverse campus.

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Learn more about how Pearson can help your institution improve college readiness and career readiness