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All progress starts with a conversation. A conversation helps set goals, focus vision, and enact change. We believe that answering the challenges you face as an academic dean should also start with a conversation. Come speak with us, and learn how we can work together to drive the digital learning strategy at your institution.

Our innovative solutions, services, and delivery models focus on efficacy, measurably improving learning outcomes and college and career readiness. Whether you’re redesigning a course or suite of courses, focusing on online education and blended learning, integrating our services directly into your learning management system, or implementing new delivery models so students have direct access to their materials on the first day of class, we’re here to help deans ensure that students, professors, department heads, and directors are all meeting their educational goals.


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Stay informed about the details that shape the digital learning strategy at your institution. Pearson’s digital solutions, services, and delivery models help you ensure that students, professors, department heads, and directors are all achieving their educational goals.

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Just a few examples of how we can help academic deans

Learning Technology

With a focus on pedagogical and technological best practices, we’ll discuss your division’s educational technology challenges and goals. Together, we’ll analyze strategies to improve student access, affordability, and learning outcomes through the use of Pearson digital products.

Assessment and Retention

Based on your assessment, retention, and instructional goals, we’ll share recommendations for improved formative assessment practices and targeted student engagement based on pinpointed critical moments of your learner’s educational experience.

Usage and Reporting

We’ll discuss your departmental, grant funding, or advising data and reporting needs and share ideas for using Pearson enterprise reporting and dashboards to improve efficacy of your programs. We will also share ideas for improving usage through increased integration with your learning management system.

Institutional Solutions

Learn more about the variety of services and solutions we provide to help higher education institutions overcome challenges and realize opportunities for change and growth:

Online Program Management
Consulting Services
Curriculum Services
Student Services

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