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Leverage the innate strengths both genders bring to the organization

Better enable your people to honor, recognize, and leverage the talents and contributions of both men and women through the power of Gender Intelligence®.

In partnership with the Gender Intelligence Group and Barbara Annis, we’ve created a transformational learning experience that reveals the natural occurring characteristics that influence how women and men think and communicate. Gender Intelligence can transform individuals, teams, and whole organizations while unlocking even higher levels of performance.

Explore a short walk-through from our BeGenderIntelligent learning platform that can help your organization become more Gender Intelligent.

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The Gender Intelligence learning experience has been shown to pay dividends to organizations along five key metrics

Attract and retain more qualified talent
Make better strategic decisions
Produce products and services that are more relevant to the market
Grow in global competitiveness
Achieve superior financial results

Same Words, Different Language

Barbara Annis’s new book, Same Words, Different Language: A Proven Guide for Creating Gender Intelligence at Work, complements the BeGenderIntelligent online learning experience.

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