Research in PreK-12 Education

Thought Leadership Research

Expectations for educators and students have never been higher. Students today must be prepared for a dynamic, global economy—one that calls on people to use data more thoughtfully, think creatively, and work productively in teams. It is paramount that educators are supported to facilitate personalization of instruction at scale.

Helping to make this a reality is education research that focuses on innovations in digital technologies, next-generation assessments, data platforms, and others that empower educators to continually adapt instruction to students’ needs and give students timely, appropriate feedback to improve learning.

Teaching in a Digital Age

Separating tools from toys, we’ve created a toolbox full of researched digital learning strategies to help teachers effectively implement technology in the classroom.

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Research on Flipped Learning

As a relatively new model of instruction, educators understandably desire evidence that the Flipped Learning model has a positive impact on important student outcomes, including achievement and engagement.
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Research on Teacher Career Pathways

Maintaining the most motivated, highly qualified teachers is an ongoing challenge for America’s schools. Our latest report, jointly issued with the National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY), offers a new vision of teacher career pathways for the 21st century that holds promise for recruiting and retaining excellent teachers who further student learning.
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Curriculum Experts

Pearson partners with the world’s foremost thought leaders and authors to share insightful, practical knowledge about the most current research on and best practices for implementing effective instructional practices and system-wide change. Schedule our experts for custom symposia, webinars, and presentations that address key education issues for schools, districts, state agencies, and regional and national organizations.
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Assessment Research

Pearson develops high-quality educational assessment content and applies extensive psychometric experience and expertise during the test development, administration, scoring, and reporting processes. Our researchers inform these processes by engaging in basic and applied research about innovations in testing and measurement and provide you with research reports, testing tools, policy briefs, and guidelines for best practices.
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Product Design Research & Efficacy

Learners and their educational results matter. Our efficacy and research teams collaborate across the globe to create and continuously improve industry-leading programs that have a measurable impact on learning outcomes. Our rigorous research methods provide solid evidence that our products, programs, and services are helping to enhance and further academic achievement. Research-based instruction with embedded assessment, coupled with Pearson’s efficacy studies conducted by leading educational research organizations, provides schools quality programs aimed at ensuring success for all students.
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