Efficacy & Research

At Pearson, we start with one question: “What do you want your learners to achieve?”

Like you, we’re entirely focused on learners. That’s why we work to understand what learners want to accomplish, whether that’s accessing education for the first time and having a positive experience of learning, completing a course and as a result improving reading skills, or developing the right skills in order to support progression into further education or a chosen career. We believe that together, we can help all learners reach their full potential.

To prepare all students for college and career success, administrators, educators, and parents need the very best tools, technologies, and ideas we have to offer. And we don’t take this responsibility lightly.


Evidence of impact on learner outcomes

Everything we do at Pearson is focused on developing products and services that have a measurable impact on improving students’ lives through learning.

Each year, more than 11 million students use our learning technologies worldwide. Over the past decade, we’ve worked closely with students and educators to track learning gains, holding ourselves accountable for not just the products we make but also for the learning gains we help make possible.

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Research on Education Challenges

To meet the educational challenges faced today, Pearson is focused on addressing eight thematic priorities in education:

  1. Learning Science
  2. Knowledge and skills
  3. Pedagogy and educator quality
  4. Measurement and assessment
  5. Digital and adaptive forms of learning
  6. Institutional effectiveness and improvement
  7. System reform and innovation
  8. Access for all

At Pearson we focus on applying this research to develop innovative approaches to online learning, next-generation assessments, data platforms, and other approaches that support learning that empower educators to continually adapt instruction to students’ needs and give students timely, appropriate feedback to support improvement.

To find out more about why these priorities drive research, learn more at research.pearson.com.

Pearson’s Research & Innovation Network focuses on research to help transform our educational system so that our students can learn in a digital world at the pace and level that meets their needs. Our vision is to turn ideas into useful and usable learning innovations. To meet this strategy, our Network has created centers where researchers focus on specific topics and challenges. Learn more at researchnetwork.pearson.com.
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