We believe in learning

All kinds of learning for all kinds of people

We believe learning is the best thing you can do to improve yourself. And like every educator we know, we hope to instill a love of learning in everyone. To help seize a once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform education, we’ve been transforming ourselves. We’re becoming more digital and more capable of improving education across North America and around the world, and we have an unflinching commitment to measurable results. Pearson provides instructional curriculum, services, assessments—and the technology to deliver them. From PreK to higher education and professional learning, we’re a global learning company. But we always focus on the individual learner.


Learning that’s personal and collaborative

For years classrooms fit a one-size-fits-all industrial model. That model is changing, thanks in large part to technology. Pearson is partnering with school leaders, educators, business professionals, policy makers, and technology providers to develop digital products and services that make learning more personal. At the same time, we’re using technology to break down barriers. New curriculum encourages deeper thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and communication. We’re helping 21st century learners prepare for college, careers, and a promising future. And we’re working with educators to create a learner-centered culture of inquiry, questions, and conversation.

A commitment to measurable results

Learning can be fun, but we take what we do seriously. Learning affects people’s lives. It changes lives, impacts families, affects communities, and moves entire societies. We believe in learning and stand behind what we do. Every action, lesson, and decision we make has one purpose: to make a measurable impact on learner outcomes. It’s more than just words. It’s an industry-best commitment to results. Visit our Efficacy & Research page to learn more